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Rest In Peace Cole

December 8th, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

“Passed away unexpectedly in San Juan Bautista. He was born in San Jose and lived in Hollister at the time of his death. Cole loved all kinds of music, was a wiz on a computer, but most of all Cole loved being with his family, friends and traveling.”

Those words are the start of an obituary of Cole C. Young. Acer, as he was known through out IRC networks and on the internet, died on November 24. 2006. He was only 24.

I got to know Cole in early 2004 through the TotalIRC network, where he was an administrator (and co-founder), as well as a good friend of many of the people on the network.
Since that time, I spend a lot of time talking with Cole, about technical, as well as personal matters.
He became a good friend.

It is a couple of hours since I got the information, and honestly, I am still a bit shaken by it. He was there when needed, always ready to help out, and had an outstanding personality.

I know I speak for all of TotalIRC’s administrators, users, and people who knew him, when I say that he will be greatly missed.

We are privileged to have known you Cole. May you rest in peace.

  1. December 8th, 2006 at 18:58 | #1

    I have known Acer for long aswell, we have had much fun and done lots of stuff together. I have spend alot of time writing and talking on phone with him. He was a great guy and a great computer guru. I will miss him deeply.
    Rest in peace mate.

  2. April 5th, 2007 at 01:20 | #2

    Me and Cole go way back, i think it was 2001/2002 on LiquidIRC
    he was a services admin and server admin on LiquidIRC.
    I spent quite alot of time in #Darkchat, witch was the channel where Cole hanged out. It was also a support channel for a Shell hosting company he was securing the server for.

    After founding ZoomIRC along with EnigmA, i wanted to have a more stable server, so i asked Cole (i only knew him as Acer back then) and he told me Linux was the best OS to run for running IRCd’s. At this point, i basicly knew nothing about how to compile or anything under linux. I had only used the GUI and startx under redhat (though Corel Linux had autostart on X)

    He helped me set it up with the IRCd, and propper formating of the unrealircd.conf file, due to under linux we needed to load the commands.so file aswell. (linux ran ulreal with modules support)

    Not long after, Captspank and Cole offered me and dXm a shell account on their server for free. This gave an addition to the *NIX servers we was running on ZoomIRC. Also again he assisted in setting it up, due to we had never setup an IRCd on a multi-homed (multi IP) system.

    ZoomIRC split, in half, on to FreeIRC, FreeIRC split in 1/3, i was on the 1/3 part, we had 4 users. Me, SnapShooter, dXm and Loke.

    I had lost contact to Cole, due to LiquidIRC had shutdown due to massive DDoS attacks on their network. At that time servers were going down all the time. And their shell providers simply denied them access to IRC. as a note LiquidIRC was a 10.000 Users IRC network. Mainly for Edonkey support (later it became Emule aswell).

    One day Cole showed up on our network and applied for a link.
    Hes server name was Wizard.TotalIRC.Net.
    Cole spent alot of time making TotalIRC better. He also spent time learning danish, so he could also speak danish to us.

    Me and Cole spent alot of time in query’s (Private Message), talking about life, UNIX, goverment, family. basicly everything.
    I remember that Cole could get very carried away when he was writing. It was like hey stop a minnute i am still reading your second “line”. while hes on hes 20th line 🙂

    We also spent alot of time on the phone. even hours in long-distant calls. talking about everything. and having a laugh.

    All in all, Cole has tought me alot of what i know. i hope you enjoyed your time on TotalIRC, I miss you deeply, and think of you often.
    Rest in peace.