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Custom openSUSE countdown graphics

Update 3 (2013/04/01)
Counter now points to latest/upcoming release, updated links here
Custom openSUSE Countdown Example
Custom openSUSE Countdown PHP Source Code
Usage Instruction @

Update 2 (2011/01/13)
Counter updated to the 11.4 release, new links here
Custom 11.4 Countdown Example
Custom 11.4 Countdown PHP Source Code
Usage Instruction @

Counter updated to the 11.3 release, new links here
Custom 11.3 Countdown Example
Custom 11.3 Countdown PHP Source Code
Usage Instruction @

I meant to write this post a long time ago, when the countdown for openSUSE 11.1 was still active.

In this thread on the openSUSE mailing list, David C. Rankin came up with a blue version of the original 11.1 countdown graphics.

That inspired me, because the official green version did not match the colorshceme of my website. Also, the 3 sizes to choose from (small, original, large) did not fit my needs.

So, I wrote a small PHP script, which can dynamicly change the looks (color, gamma, alpha, language), and size of the countdown logo, using the official logo as a base image.

OpenSUSE 11.1 was released quite some time ago, and the counter has been updated to 11.2.
You can see examples of the two versions of the counter here:
Custom 11.1 Countdown Example
Custom 11.2 Countdown Example

You can read about how to use the custom countdown version on the openSUSE wiki:
Usage Instruction @

You can link directly to the countdown graphics, or if your webhost has PHP support, you can get the source code here, and host it yourself: