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More details on TeamSpeak 3

TeamSpeak has released some more information on their upcoming TeamSpeak 3 client, posted on their developer blog.
Especially an overview of the new architecture seems interesting.

At the time of release, TeamSpeak will release the main QT user interface, a console interface (lua) and of course the server, to Windows, Linux and Mac.

What keeps my interest for the development, is the ability to use ALSA in the next TeamSpeak version. That alone would be one major improvement over TS2.

  1. July 16th, 2007 at 10:19 | #1

    The move to also is long-time wanted from this end.
    OSS is basicly depricated in the linux kernel. AND its getting removed from the kernel in the upcomming versions… in 2.6.22 it has been announced that OSS is getting removed.

    Alsa has OSS emulation, but this is what shall we call it a workaround for old applications to function. nice enough. But then we have teamspeak.

    TeamSpeak has only OSS support, and does not support some of the writing schemes that alsa supports, like DMIX, dmix allows people with cheap soundcards have the ability to play multiplial streams at the same time, exactly how i do with my Audigy 2.

    However my soundcard only supports one recording line, and 32 playbacks. This can be an annoyance in some use when using teamspeak. I cant f.ex phone a friend with skype and use teamspeak the same time… a workaround for this is to set teamspeak to use the 8780:L driver so you can talk on another application for a short period of time. the only drawback is, you cant hear squat on teamspeak in the meanwhile.

    Hopefully the Linux version of teamspeak will have the ability to use multiplial soundcards. like 1 for microphone and another for speakers/headphones. (USB microphones anyone ?)

    The linux teamspak client at this moment, looks like an old application from the early 95’s, it does not blend in with the linux interface at all. Its big, bulky, on some systems it does not support copy/pasting links from teamspeak. And it has a lack of just a clicking link feature.

    The options dialogs are also a pain in the butt. 90% of the time, they pop-under the teamspeak window. making it take double the time to do the same thing. Also taking up pressous space in the taskbar.

    Minimize to the darn tray (near the clock, where you might also have other applications) ? This we simply don’t have. i am always forceing teamspeak to start up on Desktop 3, so i dont need to look at it all the time.

    Don’t get me wrong, i am greatfull that we have teamspeak for linux, and i wish that ventrilo did the same for their client.
    but we do have a large amount of annoyances that can be a pain in the butt.

    Damn this rant is long…